Can I play on multiple teams for the same tournament?

A user can only be registered to one team roster per tournament under the same game category.

Do I need to be a citizen of a North American country?

If you are in North America as a college student, you are eligible to play.

I don't live in North America, can I still enter?

As of now, CEA provides tournaments for college students in North America. Unfortunately, college students not in the US or Canada are ineligible to compete in this tournament.

Can highschool teams enter?

CEA tournaments are open only to college students. Prospective students in their last semester of their senior year or have already graduated can participate in CEA Summer tournaments.

How many teams can a school have?

Every school is allowed a maximum of 3 teams across Open and Invite for each game tournament.

How can my team qualify for Invite League?

Top 4 teams of Open League participate in a Promotion/Relegation bracket with the bottom 4 teams of Invite League. The top 4 teams are decided by overall Open League standings after Playoffs.

How are Playoffs structured?

Top 8 teams from each division go to an elimination bracket seeded by their performance based on wins and round differentials.

Does CEA follow FACEIT rules?

We base our rules based on the FACEIT Collegiate and Pro League rule sets.

How many people can I have on the team?

Minimum team size is 5, maximum is 10 with substitutes.

Can I create a team with players in different colleges?

In general, no. However, under some extenuating circumstances, and after review from league staff, two or more colleges may be allowed to have one team represent them. See section 2.4 regarding team consolidation on the handbook for more details.

Do CEA tournaments have a prize pool?

The minimum combined prize pool is currently USD$5750 for CEA Siege and Valorant.

What time zone are you based out of?

Eastern Time is used, as most of our staff resides in East Coast.

What if I graduate before the tournament ends?

Students scheduled to graduate before the tournament ends will still be eligible to compete and to receive prizing.

Can a team manager or coach play?

Team managers and coaches are eligible to play as long as they are listed as an eligible player or a substitute on the team roster.

What is the difference between captain and team manager or coach?

Captains differ from team managers or coaches in that they are automatically considered as players.

Can I be a team manager for more than one team?

Yes, but you cannot play as a player or a substitute for more than one team.

How do we play our matches?

Information regarding matches, rulesets, and settings can be found in the rules section for the respective tournament.

What happens when I change my Ubisoft username?

Your Ubisoft account information will be updated on our website in 12 hours after changing your username on Ubisoft. This only affects players(not members) in an ongoing event. You can also update your Ubisoft profile instantly on your CEA hub profile.